Courtesy of Argus Courier

I live in Petaluma, CA.

In 1977, I bought a Canon AE-1 and started taking photography seriously. Over the years, I have taken classes and learned from other photographers.

For film, I still use a Canon AE-1 although it is not the one that I started with. I have a darkroom with an Omega D5-XL Enlarger.

For digital, I have a Canon EOS RP. I have been photographing around Petaluma and have put together a photo book called “94952 Street Art” which documents the murals in Petaluma in 2021.

Currently, I am also flying drones. I have two drones: a DJI Mavic Mini and a DJI Mavic Air 2s. I am a licensed Remote Pilot. I got my Part 107 in December, 2021. I have done a photo series on Cypress Hill Memorial Park and the book is available from Blurb.

June, 2022

(July 9, 2020 – iphone images by Jessica)


Gail Sickler, Petaluma, CA 94952

Email:, (707) 529-8874